BEAUTIFUL Rustic Two-Story House! | Let's Play House Flipper - Ep. 14

7 jan. 2021
14 131 Weergaven

Let's play House Flipper! We're buying, renovating, decorating, and reselling houses in this game. House Flipper gameplay seems like something from HGTV!
2nd Channel:
House Flipper is a unique chance to become a one-man renovation crew. Buy, repair and remodel devastated houses. Give them a second life and sell them at a profit!
Experiment with interior designs and decorating styles you like. Decorate and furnish interiors with hundreds of unique items that you’re free to choose from. Express yourself!
Do you love interior design and want to fill up empty rooms using your favorite style? You can buy an empty apartment and furnish it. Do you prefer things only engineers would understand? You can focus on repair and installations. Are you an expert on the "small move, big change" approach? You can buy a decent house and make it perfect by adding some style and fixing stuff.
The ultimate goal of the house flipping business is profit. Are you a risk taker? Do you like to invest? Estimate profit and find the best risk/reward ratio for you.
The house flipping business is very challenging. Improve and hone your skills. Get better tools. Deploy new mechanisms and earn cash so you can to increase investment and speed up progress. Have fun!
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    The Good ManThe Good Man27 dagen geleden
  • Love the kitchen and living room! Super warm and cosy!

    HelenaCrossHelenaCrossMaand geleden
  • i bought the game because of watching your series too! it’s one of my new favorite games, so thank you!

    JaymalameJaymalameMaand geleden
  • Everytime I’m restoring a house it takes me like 20 hours because I always start watching youtube or I just procrastinate and then from the 20 hours maybe like 12 are just me being afk

    Emma AartEmma AartMaand geleden
  • 5:41 - said the murderer...

    GreatKnightCyberGreatKnightCyberMaand geleden
  • I started out watching Graystillplays playing house flipper and then I found hermit craft, consequently finding you. I love the way you did houseflipper and you inspired me to start playing myself. I’m definitely not anywhere near as good as you are but it’s really fun!

    Nathan BastaracheNathan BastaracheMaand geleden
  • That’s a Polish game, that’s why the washing machine without dryer is in the bathroom or kitchen, single door fridge, no master bedroom, walls are brick and there’s radiator in every room. Very typical for Poland

    TS NovakTS NovakMaand geleden
  • I'm not going to watch it but I support you.

    mop themopmop themopMaand geleden
  • Wellsknight is SOO underrated

    Hooded DominoesHooded DominoesMaand geleden
  • I have no idea if this would matter in this game or not. But if this was IRL, i would totally make the new kitchen in the room in the back left, between the garage and the back door. Just imagine all the hassle when unloading the groceries from the car.

    Neet ScholarNeet ScholarMaand geleden
  • Will you ever go back to hermitcraft

    Landon ZimmermanLandon ZimmermanMaand geleden
  • I haven’t gotten the game yet, but I just binged all these and I’m really considering getting it!

    TheAlchemyElf TaylorTheAlchemyElf TaylorMaand geleden
    • I’ll have to try it out!

      TheAlchemyElf TaylorTheAlchemyElf TaylorMaand geleden
    • Theres a free mobile version that gives a decent taster of it, although being mobile it has been compacted alot compared to the PC version

      Some GuySome GuyMaand geleden
  • What happened to hermitcraft?

    Tanner TuculetTanner TuculetMaand geleden
  • you should off put a bunkbed in the small bedroom.

    Zaine AngusZaine AngusMaand geleden
  • Loving this series! Would you be interested in doing a rustic-industrial style home? Like with bare bricks, dark colours, metal furniture and lots of house plants? I think it would look super cool!

    Isabel SunriseIsabel SunriseMaand geleden
  • these videos are very good, i like listening to them, but i do wish you would get back to playing some minecraft like your "life in the woods: renaissance" series you did

    DesingitTimeDesingitTimeMaand geleden
  • Does it trigger anyone else that they don't have nicer washers and dryers in this game? the default ones don't even match.. annoying.

    Donnie HowardDonnie HowardMaand geleden
  • Will You Please play animal crossing new horizons

    CrazyFlipTacoCrazyFlipTacoMaand geleden
  • I got house flipper to

    Ziro GamingZiro GamingMaand geleden
  • The den/office reminds me of a therapist’s office. Like maybe this family runs a counseling business from their home and the office of their business space. It even had a separate bathroom. I don’t know just what I thought of right away.

    Love4ever2013Love4ever2013Maand geleden
    • @Mr Me right!

      Love4ever2013Love4ever2013Maand geleden
    • Exit to the outside, too. So the clients wouldn't even have to go through the house/garage.

      Mr MeMr MeMaand geleden
  • Go onto the hermitcraft server pls

    Callum HancockCallum HancockMaand geleden
  • thanks to wells i have a new game and its amazing.. I've had sims and all i do is build and decorate making houses so this was perfect for me lol.... onw question tho ....HOW DO U DO THE BACK SPLASH!!!..... i can only do full walls haven't worked out how to do half walls yet xx

    Mel gMel gMaand geleden
  • Me who commented that he should do a 2 story house in episode 12: Happy noises

    Jonathan 08Jonathan 08Maand geleden

    Midnight 1122Midnight 1122Maand geleden
  • Even I play .. although on Mobile but it's good + I like to build in Minecraft so it's a little same

    Abbas DalalAbbas DalalMaand geleden
  • Hey Wel's....I really appreciate these videos. Ive been so stressed lately from the pandemic and the fires last summer. I watch them when I need to relax and release my stress. You can't understand how much I need something like this. Thanks for being you and being awesome😊

    Ian CatizoneIan CatizoneMaand geleden
  • if u dont know this was a haunted house from 2019 Halloween the 2th story bathroom had a jump scare to free that haunted house is burring a grave Idk who is inside the grave but nice that they removed that all

    adnan alawiadnan alawiMaand geleden
  • Just curious, what is the average price for a house like this in the US? I'm assuming that the cost will differ between states.

    Dawoud Abdul AzizDawoud Abdul AzizMaand geleden
    • VASTLY different depending on where in the US you live. Like... some places, might be $150k. Other places, $1.5M.

      Welsknight GamingWelsknight GamingMaand geleden
  • I’m surprised you didn’t turn the tiny bedroom into a nursery or toddler room.

    signsaboundsignsaboundMaand geleden
  • I would love to have a carpeted rug lol

    NuggetNuggetMaand geleden
  • I wish the game had matching washers and dryers, not making them installations. Its SOOO far away from the wall the current washer.

    Sohraiyah SwainSohraiyah SwainMaand geleden
  • Good work Wels, m8.

    David WhiteDavid WhiteMaand geleden
  • You should do the sellers house next!

    howdy howdyhowdy howdyMaand geleden
  • I got house flipper because you started playing it😀

    howdy howdyhowdy howdyMaand geleden
  • Sort of want him to just post the entire, unedited, video so I can have blank mind and enjoy him for a little longer 😊 👀

    Daniel EvansDaniel EvansMaand geleden
  • How do you get house flipper

    Calahan MarchekCalahan MarchekMaand geleden
    • It's on Steam. Link in the description.

      Welsknight GamingWelsknight GamingMaand geleden
  • I also got house flipper because of Welsnight

    Spaghetti GameZoneSpaghetti GameZoneMaand geleden
  • When are you going to play on the hermitcraft server?

    Spaghetti GameZoneSpaghetti GameZoneMaand geleden
  • While i do really like these vids, it would help if the houses had more variety. This one was different from your usual modern houses so that was nice, but I wish you changed it up even more. With every house it feels like certain parts are exactly the same, like your bathrooms, and it's getting a little stale to watch.

    Kushagra JaiswalKushagra JaiswalMaand geleden
  • Are you still going to be doing minecraft content?

    Kasten RitterKasten RitterMaand geleden
    • Yea he's just taking a break to not get so burnt out.

      Michael UnderwoodMichael UnderwoodMaand geleden
  • Love this series. I still think you should try a Victorian style house.

    The Darkest AngelThe Darkest AngelMaand geleden
  • your my favorite youtuber

    Diana MarcinkowskiDiana MarcinkowskiMaand geleden
  • and play more minecraft please

    Diana MarcinkowskiDiana MarcinkowskiMaand geleden
  • try some sims4 it's fun

    Diana MarcinkowskiDiana MarcinkowskiMaand geleden
  • I just love to watch your house flippers vids before sleep :D it is just so relaxing :D

    nonamenonameMaand geleden
  • u are good at this game

    Mr. FrogggyMr. FrogggyMaand geleden
  • I sub to you for hermitcraft not house flipper

    Yonah PeikesYonah PeikesMaand geleden
    • Have patience, hes not only trying to pull off big projects in Hermitcraft, but he may also be trying to avoid burnout. If you watch alot of hermitcraft content, you have every right to unsubscribe until he posts that again, as it will probably be recommended to you when he finally posts it.

      Natalie MasonNatalie MasonMaand geleden
    • Same, I camed during his "return".

      Gator GuylerGator GuylerMaand geleden
  • So much enjoyment, thank you Wels! now 33 hours in :)

    Kr0nulusKr0nulusMaand geleden
  • Longer pls I'm addicted to this shit

    Mert AltunMert AltunMaand geleden
  • are you tired of minecraft for now?

    Bartek PBartek PMaand geleden
    • Ikr hasn't updated us or anything

      Gator GuylerGator GuylerMaand geleden
  • That tiny bedroom is bigger than my bedroom, and has more windows too...

    Eliot EverdeenEliot EverdeenMaand geleden
  • Boy, you and i did this one WAY different lol

    co2rrtco2rrtMaand geleden
  • Where hermitcraft?

    SweatyAsUrPitsSweatyAsUrPitsMaand geleden
    • It's coming don't worry

      The Minecrafter's DuoThe Minecrafter's DuoMaand geleden
  • Hey Wels! I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in a livestream of this game if you’d want to do one!

    Alyssa HurleyAlyssa HurleyMaand geleden
  • Wels: There's a section for tools. Me: *bites her tongue* :D Sorry

    MandiMandiMaand geleden
  • Petition for wels to do a garden focuses episode

    R¡CKYR¡CKYMaand geleden
  • Hey welld, great video! I have one request, can you build a sauna? Im from finland so its a big thing for me.. Ty

    Verneri RiikkulaVerneri RiikkulaMaand geleden
  • This series is so relaxing! I'd love to see you do a super minimalist house!

    Jess MeowJess MeowMaand geleden
  • Get the ps5 for your house

    Brett BradburyBrett BradburyMaand geleden
  • "2 hours ago" 😭😂

    CMS OfficialCMS OfficialMaand geleden
  • Not to be rude just wondering what you are doing with hermitcraft did you get burned out? Just wondering

    Alex KlauerAlex KlauerMaand geleden
    • It's coming don't worry

      The Minecrafter's DuoThe Minecrafter's DuoMaand geleden
  • Another awesome episode!! Thank you!

    Perock momPerock momMaand geleden
  • Hey Wels. How do you do the backsplash?

    Dan TorinoDan TorinoMaand geleden
    • id love to know that to...can only do full walls with tiles :(

      Mel gMel gMaand geleden
  • i think the room with the guitar needed a desk to fill in the extra space but besides that i loved it!

    derserequiemderserequiemMaand geleden
  • wear is hirmitcraft

    Pim KruisdijkPim KruisdijkMaand geleden
    • It's coming don't worry

      The Minecrafter's DuoThe Minecrafter's DuoMaand geleden
  • I think he needs to use those guns

    David StakelyDavid StakelyMaand geleden
  • Never showed the upstairs bathroom.

    HyperFox92HyperFox92Maand geleden

    rheasynixrheasynixMaand geleden
  • When will you next do a new office?(for you)

    Joseph E VoseJoseph E VoseMaand geleden
  • I'm loving this series! love the attention to detail and the sheer time put into each house

    Super_Super_T GamingSuper_Super_T GamingMaand geleden
  • No curtain mod?

    Anthony LatuchAnthony LatuchMaand geleden
  • Omg this is exactly what I wanted! Thank you 😊

    Gonza KálnayGonza KálnayMaand geleden
  • I found House Flipper this way too... yeah, my computer can't handle it XD

    MythBusted55MythBusted55Maand geleden
    • You guys have pc's I only have a phone

      Dr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan ShahDr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan ShahMaand geleden
    • Mine also can’t handle it

      Spaghetti GameZoneSpaghetti GameZoneMaand geleden
  • He’s been working on the next Hermitcraft episode for 3 months. It’s probably gonna be amazing

    Le CheemsLe CheemsMaand geleden
    • Yeah- it has to be one of th best in a long time then.

      Swanky SwankerSwanky SwankerMaand geleden
  • I got it for the switch because of this series. I love this series. I think I would love it on the PC, but I seriously don’t recommend it for the switch. The graphics are awful. The content is severely limited. I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed in a game.

    James BrownJames BrownMaand geleden
  • Did you stop hermitcraft¿

    WhyMomGamezWhyMomGamezMaand geleden
    • It's coming don't worry

      The Minecrafter's DuoThe Minecrafter's DuoMaand geleden
  • How long will this series go for because i really enjoy it.

    albexz07albexz07Maand geleden
  • I'd have done overhead/wall cabinets for the small bedroom. You can get a lot more storage in a small space that way.

    krultykrultyMaand geleden
  • This is my first houseflipper video I’ve watched from you and I’m very much enjoying it it’s very peaceful!

    VictorielVictorielMaand geleden
    • @Adnan I definitely will I really enjoy his content

      VictorielVictorielMaand geleden
    • He's so awesome

      AdnanAdnanMaand geleden
    • Watch from the start

      AdnanAdnanMaand geleden
  • Can u do Minecraft pls I miss ur vids

    Mathew KosynaMathew KosynaMaand geleden
    • @The Minecrafter's Duo really cuz I wanna see him do some buildings the whole turf war had gone on he had missed alot

      Mathew KosynaMathew KosynaMaand geleden
    • It's coming don't worry

      The Minecrafter's DuoThe Minecrafter's DuoMaand geleden
  • I would get the game but I like watching people play while I eat soup

    PeskyBirdPeskyBirdMaand geleden
    • @Emily Oberholzer depends on the soup if it's tomato soup or something you could probably just drink it but if there's a lot of chunks and stuff then I'd call that eating

      Hermitcraft FanHermitcraft FanMaand geleden
    • Booth

      Ziro GamingZiro GamingMaand geleden
    • Do you eat soup or do you drink soup?

      Emily OberholzerEmily OberholzerMaand geleden
    • just ate some soup, it was rad

      Hermitcraft FanHermitcraft FanMaand geleden
    • Same

      Celestial_14Celestial_14Maand geleden
  • I love how chill these videos are. Welsknight has really mastered the art of making a video both entertaining and relaxing. Also, the layout of this house felt super weird, but you handled it super nicely, Wels.

    Monica FMonica FMaand geleden
    • @Adnan He's not the appreciated hero for sure, but a hero all the same.

      Monica FMonica FMaand geleden
    • But he doesn't get views 😟

      AdnanAdnanMaand geleden
  • Can you show a short clip of cleaning up the outside? Mowing, etc? Just to get a sense of what is required for that.

    Darren ScrogginsDarren ScrogginsMaand geleden
  • Where is minecraft?

    flx kann lesenflx kann lesenMaand geleden
    • @SpearM75503 thx

      flx kann lesenflx kann lesenMaand geleden
    • He's taking a break from it. He'll come back to it eventually.

      SpearM75503SpearM75503Maand geleden
  • I want to live here lol

    Raman GoelRaman GoelMaand geleden
  • Wel’s into is exactly what we all need after yesterday. Thank you for uploading.

    Arrow _awsomeArrow _awsomeMaand geleden
    • God that feels like a lifetime ago. It’s only been a week.

      Phoenix GonzalezPhoenix GonzalezMaand geleden
    • Yeah, no matter what side you’re on, something big is definitely about to happen! Stay safe!

      Alyssa HurleyAlyssa HurleyMaand geleden
    • Plot twist, Wels took part in that event

      HarmonyHarmonyMaand geleden

    burntt popcornburntt popcornMaand geleden
    • Dude, relax a tad. I agree people shouldn't bug Wels too much for Hermitcraft, but its okay that people love Wels and his Minecraft content. No need to insult, all is well. ☺️

      Monica FMonica FMaand geleden
  • Loving this series! I just bought House Flipper for PS4 and I'm really enjoying it. Also I think the house in this video was also in the mobile version I used to play🤔 Anyways nice video.

    Jesse WJesse WMaand geleden
  • You're definitely the reason I also got the game. I enjoy watching your creative takes on the interiors.

    Mycroft WellsMycroft WellsMaand geleden
  • I had to pause your Nature's Beauty LP from 2018 to come check this out lol I'm so addicted to your House Flipper series (Honestly really annoyed at all the comments about hermitcraft on these vids... yall know you don't have to watch this series right? Pestering him will likely make him even less likely to return to HC)

    Ari OctoberAri OctoberMaand geleden
  • Maybe you could have made the super cramped bedroom an office...? Just a thought

    Modded SoulModded SoulMaand geleden
  • Are there any big mansions in this game

    Saketh CVESSaketh CVESMaand geleden
  • 25th

    Roksana RuheRoksana RuheMaand geleden
  • Still hoping you'd do a house with a swimming pool in it

    Modded SoulModded SoulMaand geleden
    • btw this house was a haunted house from 2019 Halloween

      adnan alawiadnan alawiMaand geleden
    • 🙂

      Kolton KamermanKolton KamermanMaand geleden
    • @Kolton Kamerman I knew someone would say that. I mean a house with a swimming pool already in it. In the beach house episode, the pool was added to the garden

      Modded SoulModded SoulMaand geleden
    • He did that already in his ranch house episode. You shoul check that one out

      Kolton KamermanKolton KamermanMaand geleden
    • yeah i wanna see him work on the outside some more

      burntt popcornburntt popcornMaand geleden
  • Hey Welsknight, I was wondering what happened to hermitcraft season 7?

    Atwin GAtwin GMaand geleden
    • @burntt popcorn oh okay. I hope he manage to get things together that he is dealing with

      Atwin GAtwin GMaand geleden
    • hes tired of it so hes taking a break

      burntt popcornburntt popcornMaand geleden
  • I miss mc

    Gummy BearGummy BearMaand geleden
  • I'm sorry NPC Grian look at this

    Bobby HillBobby HillMaand geleden
    • Lmaoooo

      Revoir - DrawsRevoir - DrawsMaand geleden
  • Sorry but I'm just bored of your videos since u stopped hermitcraft

    Nabil B.MohammedNabil B.MohammedMaand geleden
    • @burntt popcorn love the" you pig" at the end there

      Michael UnderwoodMichael UnderwoodMaand geleden
    • We care about people giving him this negative attention because he has become kinda burnt from recieving all the negativity from people who want Hemitcraft

      Natalie MasonNatalie MasonMaand geleden
    • Then go watch a different hermit????

      Ari OctoberAri OctoberMaand geleden
    • @SpearM75503 finally someone understands

      burntt popcornburntt popcornMaand geleden
    • @SpearM75503 why do u care wht i watch

      Nabil B.MohammedNabil B.MohammedMaand geleden
  • When will you come back to hermitcraft :(

    Pu uoy evig annog revenPu uoy evig annog revenMaand geleden
    • WELSKNIGHT IS TIRED OF HERMITCRAFT. You would've known that if you bothered to read the rest of the comments. There are people (myself included) who have said, _over and over and over and over again,_ that he's not doing Hermitcraft for a while because he's burned out on it. He has said he hasn't given up on it. He'll come back to it _eventually._

      SpearM75503SpearM75503Maand geleden
  • I was actually just watching another one of your videos when this came out

    Arvo ProhomArvo ProhomMaand geleden
    • @Ari October really I was watching hermit craft season 6 I think

      Arvo ProhomArvo ProhomMaand geleden
    • Same!!

      Ari OctoberAri OctoberMaand geleden