HELSKNIGHT?! | Hermitcraft 7 - Ep. 7

17 jun. 2020
393 413 Weergaven

Welcome to Hermitcraft Season 7!
Full playlist: nlworld.info/top/PL3e14exB92LJUFMNUNKCBbEm_u3GS9JPn.html
Hermitcraft S7 Seed: WLLBYUG
The rap battle will be released as a standalone video tomorrow.
I'm looking around and I'm left thinking that you're pitiful
Maybe I'm cynical but this place makes me miserable
I am unpredictable and I find you despicable
I'm a lyrical criminal and this battle ain't winnable
Now listen, you imbecile, time to move on to the facts
You've awakened the demon and you have fallen for my traps
Soon it will be Helsknight looting fat diamond stacks
I'mma show you how a knight forged in the nether acts
You call yourself a knight but you've never slain a foe
You're afraid of moonlight so you sleep to tomorrow
I might be filled with spite, but I refuse to let it go
This is now my show, call me Helsknight, OH!
Helsknight, was it? Let me add you to my list
Of people who start conflicts and don't try to coexist
But I don't wanna fight you, so please cease and desist
Cuz if you don't back down I'll be putting up my fists
You say I'm not the real deal but what good have you done
You barely said a thing and then you claim the battle's won
You're a little premature I think, the battle's just begun
And once I get going you'll be quickly overrun
Good! Some fight! I was hoping you'd amuse me
I thought you'd just lay down and die, so please excuse me
Deescalate, run away, apologize profusely
Do you wanna fight or not, your words, they confuse me
So let me introduce me, I'm the knight of Hels
A place where all the people live in fiery cells
Everyone there's unyielding and everyone rebels
And I'm their greatest champion so ring your warning bells
I observe you're a disturber and a threat to the server
But with a fervor this preserver won't ever let you hurt her
I'm a battle berserker, no one's resolve is firmer
If you try to burn Hermitcraft, then you deserve murder
Now let me take it further and lay it out clearly
This is my home, and a place I love dearly
I'll defend her to my dying breath and fight for her fiercely
If you don't back down, you'll be dealt with severely
I'm a force of chaos and I am unstoppable
Your puny words mean nothing for defeat is impossible
My destruction of all you love will be complete and methodical
For I'm your inner darkness, a knight diabolical
It seems I'm left no choice but to draw my blade
And banish you back to that place from whence you came
You embody all my evil and I am not afraid
I'll defeat my inner demon, for this is my crusade
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  • Wellsnight: 1 add pops up

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  • Oh no its evil X all over again

    Jackie BuegJackie BuegDag geleden
  • I am still hoping Helsknight will have a secret lair in the Nether, and somehow the two knights will meet again.

    Atty ArleonAtty Arleon4 dagen geleden
  • Wait, but he do have bars tho.

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  • i'm the knight; the soldier who brings the fight at first light. you had to incite, and now I gotta indite. you're guilty of getting murdered with words. you're outgunned. go home nerd.

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  • Wels is like “ss well i cant let ya do that” Hels:*starts rap*

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  • "I will burn this place to the ground" Me: Nah, we need some tnt added to the flint and steel

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  • Well now, I always respected Wels as a hermitcrafter, but DUDE, his verses gave me chills. Wels, I can't even imagine the work you put into that rap and resulting battle. Very, VERY, well done.

    Eneicia2011Eneicia201122 dagen geleden
  • I dunno... I think hels rapped better imo

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  • Wels: *does normal hermitcraft things* Me: *hanging off the edge of my seat waiting for when helskinght is coming.* He comes in at 16:53 and the song ends and he leaves at 21:54 The song only starts at 18:54. Your welcome.

    Elie’sArt&VlogsElie’sArt&Vlogs2 maanden geleden
  • Honestly, this reminds me of Stampy’s old battles against, what was it, Hit the target? I get a similar vibe in the whole “specific videos built to open a can of whoop ass on the villain.” So long ago...

    Sir Hand GrenadeSir Hand Grenade2 maanden geleden
  • Wait, if helsknight went to sleep, wouldn’t? Wait... Wouldn’t that give it away?

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  • Well i was bored till now ... Now it feels like some hermit shenanigans

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  • This should spark a new war. Every hermits evil side should appear and they all have a massive battle like season 6

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  • Welsknight: We got a bit over 200 diamonds and we're only about 2 minutes into the episode. Also Welsknight: *Is exactly at 2 minutes*

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  • If you look close during the timelaps, when Wels built the portal house, you can see Helsknight sneaking on the corner of the "starter house"

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  • I”It seems I’m left no choice but to draw my blade” Also Wels: Alright a pick.. No.. A hoe? No.. Ah there we go, Diamond Sword 🗡

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  • I enjoy how the rap reflects on what's happening IRL and that Wels was a soldier that fought for our country. He fought for what he held dear to him. I believe this shows how Wels feels about the conflicts that's happening around us! Thank you Wels for the awesome rap!

    Adelle H.Adelle H.3 maanden geleden
  • This was great wels! Nice bars 👍

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  • i dint even know that welsnight had hate

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  • I have to say, I did not expect the Rap Battle at the end. However, great job. :)

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