Hollow Knight - Ep. 39: Thorns

6 apr. 2020
2 369 Weergaven

Hollow Knight is a masterpiece and one of the best examples of the Metroidvania genre ever made. Join me as we explore this indie gem for the first time!
This entire series was streamed live on Twitch, and has been edited and reuploaded to NLworld for your viewing pleasure.
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  • I guess for banker to run away with the money you need to unlock the City hot springs and/or deposit large enough sum.

    Nry2008Nry20083 maanden geleden
  • Second episode called thorns?!?

    Brandon MuellerBrandon Mueller4 maanden geleden
  • 8:12

    Nathan MaNathan Ma4 maanden geleden
  • 5:47 Hornet’s theme’s ok, but have you heard the Mantis Lords theme? My favorite by far

    j linj lin4 maanden geleden
    • Truth.

      Welsknight GamingWelsknight Gaming4 maanden geleden
    • Welsknight Gaming hmmmm... let’s just agree that Christopher Larkin is a musical genius and leave it at that :D

      j linj lin4 maanden geleden
    • That one is great, too, but I still prefer Hornet's theme.

      Welsknight GamingWelsknight Gaming4 maanden geleden
  • this game like dead cell

    paradox vexparadox vex6 maanden geleden
  • Your nail is now a screw.

    nightcastenightcaste6 maanden geleden
  • Love your vids they cheer me up in times like these :)

    Emil DardozziEmil Dardozzi6 maanden geleden
  • What controller did you use for this play-through?

    res9695res96956 maanden geleden
    • @• Daisy I posted the comment before I saw that, and didn't feel like editing it. Thanks for pointing it out though.

      res9695res96956 maanden geleden
    • 28:17

      • Daisy• Daisy6 maanden geleden
  • How are you doing and be safe.

    O.G. GOATO.G. GOAT6 maanden geleden

    MRGMRG6 maanden geleden