Hollow Knight - Ep. 67: Lil' Grims

7 mei. 2020
1 910 Weergaven

Hollow Knight is a masterpiece and one of the best examples of the Metroidvania genre ever made. Join me as we explore this indie gem for the first time!
This entire series was streamed live on Twitch, and has been edited and reuploaded to NLworld for your viewing pleasure.
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Thanks for watching!

  • well, not using shadow dash prolonging the flame fights and unbinding quick cast without having ever used it was very frustrating tbh...

    Rodrigo TorresRodrigo Torres5 maanden geleden
  • Bring back minecraft

    Layton HubbardLayton Hubbard5 maanden geleden
  • Bring back minecraft

    Layton HubbardLayton Hubbard5 maanden geleden
  • I'm gonna be so excited when you fight "Him".

    dogdudemanpersonpeopledogdudemanpersonpeople5 maanden geleden
  • hai

    Lucas FrayerLucas Frayer5 maanden geleden
  • more minecraft please i rely like your minecraft please do more

    Matthew DelaneyMatthew Delaney5 maanden geleden
    • @DodoGamer3000 he played Minecraft too extensively for too long. he played every day, several hours a day, for five years. it was too much; he needed the break. ... and he kept going even after he started to get burned out.

      FaeOfDoomFaeOfDoom5 maanden geleden
    • @FaeOfDoom How do you mean that he's burned out ?... What did happen to him ?

      DodoGamer3000DodoGamer30005 maanden geleden
    • only when he's ready - he's been burned out

      FaeOfDoomFaeOfDoom5 maanden geleden
  • U know dude.. I subscribed to u back in that minecraft serie the one with only one block of dirt.. Ur sound is deeper know.. I wander how long it been..

    Aym enAym en5 maanden geleden
  • I love how there are no comments related to the actual video. (This one isn't one either)

    Roshan HeadgeRoshan Headge5 maanden geleden
  • Love your vids! Hope you are happy and well!

    The Kat Izanagi YTThe Kat Izanagi YT5 maanden geleden
  • Can’t wait for hermitcraft season 8

    Collin BrightCollin Bright5 maanden geleden
  • man waiting for some minecraft from welsknight, hope he can recover and go back to it soon,

  • It's sad that you don't do Minecraft Tango Tek anymore :'(

    DodoGamer3000DodoGamer30005 maanden geleden
  • Whats up welsknight?

    Cosmin HuleaCosmin Hulea5 maanden geleden
  • First

    Cosmin HuleaCosmin Hulea5 maanden geleden