Horizon: Zero Dawn - Ep. 41: Into the Frozen Wilds

7 apr. 2020
1 699 Weergaven

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an absolutely fantastic 3rd-person action/adventure game. Join me as we play through HZD and the Frozen Wilds DLC!
This entire series was streamed live on Twitch, and has been edited and reuploaded to NLworld for your viewing pleasure.
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  • Goodluck on subscribers I have a bad feeling but please join hermitcraft 7 .

    JAN YOUTUBEJAN YOUTUBE6 maanden geleden
    • he will when he's ready. if he's burned out on Minecraft gameplay, something that takes an insane amount of dedication to Minecraft gameplay isn't really going to happen for a while.

      FaeOfDoomFaeOfDoom6 maanden geleden
  • Hi Wels, seeing you grow over the years is amazing, I dont mind the big change I think that it was a great idea. you cant just play ''1 game'' your almost like whole life. My question was. even tho you dont do singleplayer Minecraft survival stuff anymore are you going to participate in hermitcraft seaso 7? or upcoming seasons?

    BofeyyBofeyy6 maanden geleden
    • it's yet to be seen. burnout is rough, and HC takes dedication. he's hinted at the possibility later in S7, but I don't think even he knows yet.

      FaeOfDoomFaeOfDoom6 maanden geleden
  • Please continue hermitcraft

    TwiggyFriend900TwiggyFriend9006 maanden geleden
  • Dear Welsknight, Even though I really don't mean anything to you I just wanted to say that I'm kinda sad you stopped playing on the hermitcraft server, but really hope you can bring your videos back to the amount of views they used to get. Anyway even though your content isn't really my taste I'd say keep up the good work and do what you enjoy to do! You seem like a nice lad and I'll never ever unsubscribe! Best regards, me

    Sander TimmerSander Timmer6 maanden geleden
  • I'm going to be honest I don't think anyone likes horizan last we you posted a Minecraft video and your view went high but now it's 67

    Yohan SkinnerYohan Skinner6 maanden geleden
  • Are you going to join hermit craft 7

    Nolathin LiebermanNolathin Lieberman6 maanden geleden
    • He has repeatedly said no.

      nightcastenightcaste6 maanden geleden
  • Rip ur channel went from 150k views to 1k good luck man

    awkward potatoawkward potato6 maanden geleden
  • That is how techno Music is made ?

    Heins HaaineHeins Haaine6 maanden geleden
  • I saw this when it was at 69 views so I couldn’t watch it

    Phantom LazarPhantom Lazar6 maanden geleden
  • Hello Welsk! you are recomended youtuber from polish TV station for learning english! Get ready for polish invasion! xD

    ᅚᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚ6 maanden geleden
  • hello

    Retep The GoatRetep The Goat6 maanden geleden
  • Hi

    Mengya TuMengya Tu6 maanden geleden
  • Not first

    ShfShf6 maanden geleden
    • XITØ it’s ok I’m just saying it doesn’t matter if your first or last

      Mengya TuMengya Tu6 maanden geleden