Horizon: Zero Dawn - Ep. 48: Maker's End

15 apr. 2020
1 558 Weergaven

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an absolutely fantastic 3rd-person action/adventure game. Join me as we play through HZD and the Frozen Wilds DLC!
This entire series was streamed live on Twitch, and has been edited and reuploaded to NLworld for your viewing pleasure.
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Thanks for watching!

  • That's 1 hour? I need more

    idham 97idham 976 maanden geleden
  • Just because of random OCD, more than 973 years overdue for that meeting with Mr. Faro lol Love the vids as always Wels, say hello to Wifey also and hope you guys are well.

    SgtPickles13SgtPickles136 maanden geleden
    • Wait... almost 1000 years late? Millennials these days am I right?

      Arnav KapoorArnav Kapoor3 maanden geleden
  • Hermitcraft 7, Please!

    Flora NightingaleFlora Nightingale6 maanden geleden
    • Why? He said he's burnt out of anything Minecraft, and he said that he doesn't want to play it. Your comment won't change anything.

      Kn1cs0Kn1cs06 maanden geleden
  • why are u not in hermitcraft

    michmich6 maanden geleden
    • yup, he is burned out on Minecraft.

      FaeOfDoomFaeOfDoom6 maanden geleden
    • This is like asking 'Why don't you eat Top Ramen again?' when you have had it for a month straight. After a while you get sick of it and want something new. I speak from experience lol

      SgtPickles13SgtPickles136 maanden geleden
  • hey x i would like to know what kind of bow you were using at the start and where to find it if possible ,keep up the great vids btw :D

    Wafflez GamingWafflez Gaming6 maanden geleden
  • Hey x XD

    Tiarnan DavyTiarnan Davy6 maanden geleden
  • First

    Andreas VAndreas V6 maanden geleden