Hub, Roads, and Decked Out! | Hermitcraft 7 - Ep. 12

4 okt. 2020
168 879 Weergaven

Welcome to Hermitcraft Season 7!
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  • Please play crazy craft! Good music choice

    Rhys FrielRhys Friel17 uur geleden
  • beef's shop could be super beef (like super target)

    Kat DKat DDag geleden
  • i love the timelapse music

    Logan ChenLogan ChenDag geleden
  • love it

    Logan ChenLogan ChenDag geleden
  • PP is the way to go, forget Mycelium resistance and HEP. You need to join the PP. Its a better cause, and the way to go! by the way PP stands for Podzel Party... their slogan is "what about podzel"

    Jarly Moya DelgadoJarly Moya Delgado2 dagen geleden
  • just speaking technically but the "cowmmercial" district is defined by the borders of the mooshroom island so you might not actually be entitled to pay diamonds for your shop. just sayn'

    Brandon WoodyardBrandon Woodyard2 dagen geleden
  • This "when its done"bs is stunting your growth so much man, you'd easily be at 700 k if you atleast uploaded once or twice a week i feel

    dream jrdream jr2 dagen geleden
  • Happy Birthday Wels! Hope you have a fantastic day! :D

    RiverPlasmaHeroRiverPlasmaHero2 dagen geleden
  • Upload pls

    Masonnzn MCMasonnzn MC3 dagen geleden
  • More hermit craft

    Andrew The Gamer SIAndrew The Gamer SI3 dagen geleden
  • ⬛️⬛️ ⬛️⬛️. This is Mumbo ⬛️⬛️ ⬛️⬛️ copy and paste him to every hermits comments ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️. And make him take over all of hermitcraft comments! ⬛️⬛️⬛️ ⬛️⬛️

    Hanso_PlayzHanso_Playz6 dagen geleden
  • Consistency is important wells please upload we are waiting forever

    MR MONKMR MONK6 dagen geleden
  • Him saying his nether portal is not good while I’m thinking how I could never do something like that

    Martina GroodMartina Grood7 dagen geleden
  • Wels pls upload videos weekly

    Reinard PlayzReinard Playz7 dagen geleden
  • Welsk join the mycelium resistance

    Ellen BeischerEllen Beischer7 dagen geleden
  • A little bit, Wels you literary Judged every single road and I am even shocked you still have your dignity to say your is the best.

    Kibanya GitimuKibanya Gitimu8 dagen geleden
  • You should do kingdoms again

    Panda PlazePanda Plaze8 dagen geleden
  • Vintage knight

    Samantha KaczmarSamantha Kaczmar9 dagen geleden
  • Do you remember when you late for joining Hermitcraft season 7?

    Daniel WDaniel W10 dagen geleden
    • so?

      snak1tysnak1ty4 dagen geleden
  • Only 12 episodes?

    huiyan huanghuiyan huang10 dagen geleden
    • @huiyan huang also he doesnt stick to a schedule like last season because it caused him to burnout and take a break from minecraft

      snak1tysnak1ty21 uur geleden
    • I could tell from looking at his first videos date

      huiyan huanghuiyan huang21 uur geleden
    • Yeah he joined late

      snak1tysnak1ty4 dagen geleden

    Ethan SiegfriedEthan Siegfried11 dagen geleden
  • I would like to see you do some thing with grain

    monster 2007monster 200712 dagen geleden
  • Vintage knight

    O_ IQueueO_ IQueue12 dagen geleden
  • Consider uploading more

    CoarseCapeCoarseCape12 dagen geleden
    • @CoarseCape different people have different work habits. just because something works for xisuma, doesnt mean it also works for wels. They have different lives and approaches to being creative and working. And wels is by no means burntout, and it's unlikely he ever will soon. He very intentionally created his current schedule to avoid burnout as much as possible. weekly uploads would be unncessecary and cause him to rethink his whole current "it's done when it's done" approach. Quality is always over quantity; and that wels get high quality videos out without getting burntout is what matters. If Xisuma can achieve both, that's great, but that doesn't mean it'll work for Wels

      Cool Blue TunesCool Blue Tunes10 dagen geleden
    • @Cool Blue Tunes have you seen xisuma he uploads high quality content like every three days. If wels has the point of a burnout he weekly uploads is the gem

      CoarseCapeCoarseCape10 dagen geleden
    • @CoarseCape eh i think that he might be able to do bi or tri weekly uploads, but weekly is definitely a step too far doing weekly uploads would change his schedule and approach

      Cool Blue TunesCool Blue Tunes10 dagen geleden
    • @Cool Blue Tunes I just want weekly uploads nothing else

      CoarseCapeCoarseCape10 dagen geleden
    • he probably won't. He's got a steady schedule going that allows to post high-quality videos and have free time while avoiding burnout. He used to upload 2-3 videos each day, but they were lower-quality and that schedule eventually caused him to burn out.

      Cool Blue TunesCool Blue Tunes10 dagen geleden
  • Beef Welsington. COME ON.

    Pest789Pest78912 dagen geleden
  • Love your road. You should have won!

    Nancy ViethNancy Vieth13 dagen geleden
  • How many times did they fight the wither to get all those becons

    Red is kinda SusRed is kinda Sus14 dagen geleden
  • I think wells knight its the best hermitcrafter

    elqueloleeesfeo XDXDelqueloleeesfeo XDXD14 dagen geleden
  • I just had a crazy face palm moment. I couldn’t believe people on hermit craft weren’t taking about the election. I just finished catching up on wels vids and I realized I’m an idiot. It slipped my mind that the majority are European so why would they!! Smol brain...

    Christopher GamaChristopher Gama14 dagen geleden
  • :D

    Araz's PixelsAraz's Pixels14 dagen geleden
  • Wels: timelaps time Skelly: im about to end this mans while timelaps

  • How about your evil clone? Do you already get rid of it?

    Daniel WDaniel W16 dagen geleden
  • Pls do tek-topia

    Girish SGirish S16 dagen geleden
  • I have vocabularity big.

    KwerzKwerz16 dagen geleden
  • How do I get out of here? Walks past exit 20 times Lol

    chad barker Jrchad barker Jr17 dagen geleden
  • How dint I get the notif for this

    Leah FlanniganLeah Flannigan17 dagen geleden
  • Vintage Wels is a good name

    wayne wrightwayne wright17 dagen geleden
  • I felt physical pain when he missed the soul flame in the throne room

    JoJo’s HorseJoJo’s Horse18 dagen geleden
  • I think it would look good if there was a giant chain holding up the portal room

    JoJo’s HorseJoJo’s Horse18 dagen geleden
  • Wells, why don’t you join The Mycelium Resistance team? You can resist cats sitting as mayor replacements.

    E GE G18 dagen geleden
  • Hi I just wanted remind you of the old series about tektopia I'm realy enjoying this series and I want to see the new buildings you will add them to your amazing village and I want it back I loved it sooooo sooo much so please continue it

    Sulaiman PlanetSulaiman Planet18 dagen geleden
  • Welsknight that was an awesome decked out run btw name the name tag "Welsknight's Beast" then try to name a decked out ravager the name everytime your ravager kills someone you get a point. So maybe do that in ur next video! 😎

    Vultik BanditVultik Bandit18 dagen geleden
  • beef should name his area of shops beef depot

    Josh MayJosh May18 dagen geleden
  • I like the chains on the hanging plants, not the metal fence.

    TheSupaLunaTheSupaLuna18 dagen geleden
  • Love the very consistent uploads!

    Orginal ChimpOrginal Chimp18 dagen geleden
    • dont judge; he's got a good flow going

      Cool Blue TunesCool Blue Tunes10 dagen geleden
  • Team name: Vintage Knight

    Bobbabooy GamingBobbabooy Gaming19 dagen geleden
  • The road reminds me of a beach wedding

    Freddy OutramFreddy Outram19 dagen geleden
  • Beef Wels-ington

    groovergabegroovergabe19 dagen geleden
  • Beefy Night or Beefy Nights - for team name

    AlexAlex19 dagen geleden
  • you missed a soul flame in the room with you in armor stand form. you name a ravager and if it gets a kill you get a key

    Edmund ResorEdmund Resor19 dagen geleden
  • Hey Wels! Just a tip, if you see a Soul Flame (blue fire) you need to punch it out. You will get better cards by doing it :))

    Julia KnitterJulia Knitter19 dagen geleden
  • Some people might say "Wels has the best personality" or "Wels has the best builds", but those people are wrong. Wels has the best inventory. Its always so organized.

    Sir. Corny NeckSir. Corny Neck19 dagen geleden
  • Hahaha!

    Han QingHan Qing19 dagen geleden
  • Just me who saw him walk past a soul flame

    Pablo101 • 35 years agoPablo101 • 35 years ago19 dagen geleden
  • Beef Wellington

    ItsRealityTvItsRealityTv20 dagen geleden
  • Oh I thought your -☠

    Adwaith SureshAdwaith Suresh20 dagen geleden
  • ravager tag - you should read the book on the lectern

    YokaiWolf CreationsYokaiWolf Creations20 dagen geleden
  • Evil suma & hellznight

    Paulius ŠimkusPaulius Šimkus21 dag geleden
  • "I can English. I have vocabularity big"

    Maximus MidnightMaximus Midnight21 dag geleden
  • Beef: "I have discovered a flaw: they don't block anything" Wels: "They do if you're not bad"

    Maximus MidnightMaximus Midnight21 dag geleden
  • "2020 has been so bad I just want to escape and I live on the moon now"

    Maximus MidnightMaximus Midnight21 dag geleden
  • I mean you kinda are judging special effects

    The MammothThe Mammoth21 dag geleden
  • Will hellsknight return, or are you offscreen working on some demon nether castle?

    Kenneth De WeverKenneth De Wever21 dag geleden
  • Poor Cub being ignored XD

    Juan OtaloraJuan Otalora21 dag geleden
  • What’s the name of the time lapse music?

    Shyaam SangamShyaam Sangam21 dag geleden
  • name Suggestion for the team beef wellington lol

    JasonJason21 dag geleden
  • The background music is a vibe

    Reuben WolfReuben Wolf21 dag geleden
  • yes you do have the best road

    Kin SheungKin Sheung21 dag geleden
  • Add parrets to the fences as actual birds

    Sean AlferinkSean Alferink21 dag geleden
  • It's been a while

    Evelyn CanoneoEvelyn Canoneo21 dag geleden
  • Well if isn't Mr Beef Wellton Knight.

    Fuller CraneFuller Crane21 dag geleden
  • Im maybe a little late for the party, but my recommendation for the shop (mart) would be to put the item frame under the chests to make it more convenient for the customers and if you want to make it fancy you can make them invisible.

    ACIDACID21 dag geleden
  • Can't wait for Wels to realize that both the birdcage designs were by False

    Stephen KleinStephen Klein21 dag geleden

    Stephen KleinStephen Klein21 dag geleden
  • Beef Wellington

    Thomas BensonThomas Benson21 dag geleden
  • Team name: Beef Welsington. It's a food and it combines both the names

    Konner KatesKonner Kates21 dag geleden
  • see you next month

    ThomasThomas22 dagen geleden
  • Beef logic: if you are drunk in Minecraft, then the roads are bad

    Cookie CatCookie Cat22 dagen geleden
  • Wait a second I seem to have recalled something The last time you built a portal It didn’t end so well....

    Cookie CatCookie Cat22 dagen geleden
  • He did not punch the soul flames but still took soul seeker What does this mean

    Vedika Gupta 6Vedika Gupta 622 dagen geleden
  • Ravenger tag to name a ravenger 'WELLS BEAST' free key when your ravenger kills another player :)

    Laura ReggieLaura Reggie22 dagen geleden
  • Ahhh i was screaming at my phone for you to RUN and trying to tell you to get out!! Lol! So glad u made it out alive!!

    Laura ReggieLaura Reggie22 dagen geleden
  • Bird cagey style that many hermits are using, being False and... False

    Matthew SMatthew S22 dagen geleden
  • Was hoping the team name was something dumb like Beef Wellington lol

    SynetikSynetik22 dagen geleden
  • Team name suggestion: Beef Wellsington.

    Titus ValzparTitus Valzpar22 dagen geleden
  • Poor cub wanted to play and they even not bothering watching him eating magic fruit

    ArchNikiArchNiki22 dagen geleden
  • You should put some stripped birch logs in the road

    Ryan BakerRyan Baker22 dagen geleden
  • I might be a bit late..... But hide the light source a block below and a trapdoor will make it x10 better

    DhrakhanDhrakhan22 dagen geleden
  • I now ship beef and wells

    boogerpeanutboogerpeanut22 dagen geleden
  • Just strolls past a ravager all nonchalant? Great run!

    mikeus69mikeus6922 dagen geleden
  • Team name Beef Welsington

    0ddman0ut0ddman0ut22 dagen geleden
  • Some parrots would look preaty nice in the road. A nice touch. And add a little bit more of colour

    Juan buenoJuan bueno22 dagen geleden
  • Karen beef

    Lil ChorroLil Chorro22 dagen geleden
  • ooooooo

    cool fire ninjacool fire ninja22 dagen geleden
  • What happened to hell’s knight

    Toonz McToonz Mc22 dagen geleden
  • What's the background music for when you're talking about the road being a good date road?

    Grawr RawrGrawr Rawr23 dagen geleden
  • Beef wels-ington

    April SarkaApril Sarka23 dagen geleden
  • best time lapse song of all the hermits

    Daniel WestDaniel West23 dagen geleden
  • Beef Wellington.

    Sharon BSharon B23 dagen geleden
  • Other note, OMG YAY you also fill your ender chest with shulker boxes ^_^

    Davarra ShaydeDavarra Shayde23 dagen geleden