Small and Cozy House! | Let's Play House Flipper - Ep. 12

3 jan. 2021
14 510 Weergaven

Let's play House Flipper! We're buying, renovating, decorating, and reselling houses in this game. House Flipper gameplay seems like something from HGTV!
2nd Channel:
House Flipper is a unique chance to become a one-man renovation crew. Buy, repair and remodel devastated houses. Give them a second life and sell them at a profit!
Experiment with interior designs and decorating styles you like. Decorate and furnish interiors with hundreds of unique items that you’re free to choose from. Express yourself!
Do you love interior design and want to fill up empty rooms using your favorite style? You can buy an empty apartment and furnish it. Do you prefer things only engineers would understand? You can focus on repair and installations. Are you an expert on the "small move, big change" approach? You can buy a decent house and make it perfect by adding some style and fixing stuff.
The ultimate goal of the house flipping business is profit. Are you a risk taker? Do you like to invest? Estimate profit and find the best risk/reward ratio for you.
The house flipping business is very challenging. Improve and hone your skills. Get better tools. Deploy new mechanisms and earn cash so you can to increase investment and speed up progress. Have fun!
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Background Music by Clay Riness
Thanks for watching!

  • Play Dealer's Life

    The Good ManThe Good ManMaand geleden
  • Could you play Turmoil or another relaxing game after House Flipper?

    BionicSynth_49BionicSynth_49Maand geleden
  • I'm laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep and 2 of my dogs are sleeping next to me and the squeaking really confused me. 😂 I was trying to figure out if the cat was playing with a dog toy.

    JillianJaclynJillianJaclynMaand geleden
  • No one: Wels: "Let's go with Cedar wood tones...yeah"

    Donnie HowardDonnie HowardMaand geleden
  • 4 or 5 years ago, I would watch this guy play on a minecraft lets play, I would comment on basically all of the videos i watched of his, and he responded to them. I remember this making me so happy and I would tell everyone. Glad to see hes gotten bigger as a youtuber! Keep going!

    CJDoesStuffCJDoesStuffMaand geleden
  • literally wels every time making a bathroom- WHITE

    Mamta SharmaMamta SharmaMaand geleden
  • Can you please do a retro style house with lot's of really special colors like that 70's Green and pink

    Seppl TandtijgerSeppl TandtijgerMaand geleden
  • So are you leaving hermitcraft?

    SquibSquibMaand geleden
  • Still here the kingdoms guitar every time

    Sam GreenfieldSam GreenfieldMaand geleden
  • Questin wells: when will you play hermitcaft again the last video on the playlist was from October 2020..

    DarkerSoccerUnoDarkerSoccerUnoMaand geleden
  • This isn’t what your subscribers want to see. Just look at the views compared to the last hermit craft episode. You’re getting about 1/8 of the views you normally get

    Cameron ClarkCameron ClarkMaand geleden
    • @Cameron Clark I'm sorry if I came off as being brash, but t's honestly just frustrating seeing how content creators get belittled by their so called subscribers. Put yourself in his shoes.. He might be burned out from Minecraft again, but he's still trying to provide content for people who actually have a genuine interest in him as a content creator. All your comment is doing is making him feel like crap, and discouraging him from trying new games and videos.

      BagsBagsMaand geleden
    • @Bags 1) chill out 2) I don’t have to say it. The numbers speak for themselves 3) take your own advice and be a civilized human please

      Cameron ClarkCameron ClarkMaand geleden
    • Who are you to come in here and say something like this?? If you don't like these kind of videos, then just don't watch them... It's only fair that Wels wants to put his time in other projects and games, and I'm sure he's aware of the popularity of these videos compared to those of his hermitcraft or minecraft videos. So... Be a civilized human for once and allow someone who is an entertainer do what he does best, entertain, no matter the content he so chooses to use.

      BagsBagsMaand geleden
  • Hey could you do a big house sometime? Just wondering

    Caleb BlickensderferCaleb BlickensderferMaand geleden
  • he quit hermitcraft AGAIN didnt he? so much 4 that promise to stay till the end. he didnt even get to episode 20... >:(

    ZurrenderZurrenderMaand geleden
  • Actually went "YAY!" out loud when I saw you uploaded another house flipper episode lol I bought this game recently and now I'm addicted, it's all your fault (thank you!)

    Ari OctoberAri OctoberMaand geleden
  • Did I already see this episode? most of these house look so similar

    Oscar WouterseOscar WouterseMaand geleden
  • I think instead if two bedrooms a kids room or a office would be nice! Other than that I completely agree

    Ellie GodwinEllie GodwinMaand geleden
  • Im getting bathroom deja vu

    Joseph Jobo LicayanJoseph Jobo LicayanMaand geleden
  • Man i thought Clare Siobhan was scared of colour. Apart from that one green bathroom a couple episodes back, EVERYTHING is white. Would love to see a more homely house if that makes sense. Ik you've done rustic, but I mean more like renovated Victorian but not overly modern.

    Isabel SunriseIsabel SunriseMaand geleden
  • Hey Wels not saying I don't like the house flipper videos but when is the next HermitCraft video coming out?

    NinjaBoyNinjaBoyMaand geleden
  • pleas play hermitcraft

    AdhamGamingAdhamGamingMaand geleden
  • What mod do you use to panel the top of the house?

    oliver källgrenoliver källgrenMaand geleden
    • @tana 1100 okej, thank you 😊

      oliver källgrenoliver källgrenMaand geleden
    • no mod, you just have be able to reach. so a step ladder or jumping on top of the hedge works.

      tana 1100tana 1100Maand geleden
  • anyone else get deja-vu with this house?

    NB_KnightNB_KnightMaand geleden
  • Wels, hermitcraft yes or no? just tell me

    Dvij TyagiDvij TyagiMaand geleden
    • @Some Guy In his first season 7 ep he said he was in for the long haul, I don't think he was, he became my fav hermit in the dozen videos he uploaded and now I am considering unsubbing not to make a point but because since he isnt doing hc and I am not interested in house flipper I dont think there is a point in being subbed to him any longer

      Dvij TyagiDvij TyagiMaand geleden
    • Yes, but later, no confirmed timeframe. Hes said a house flipper ep takes 2-3 hours while a HC ep takes 2-3 days

      Some GuySome GuyMaand geleden
  • Just woke up and did some homework Such a pleasant surprise after the stress of the homework

    Dr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan ShahDr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan ShahMaand geleden
  • It's been so long that i started imagining of how Wels gonna get back to Hermitcraft. I got a bunch of theories ,but this one is probably the best: While the hard-working man ,Welsknight is doing his businesses selling his breathtaking houses ,Helsknight escaped the Nether and started roaming around committing crimes on the server. The man ,the myth ,the legend ,Wels himself will be summoned back to Hermitcraft to deal with his evil clone ,once again to bring peace and justice to every hermit

    NuggetNuggetMaand geleden
  • Looked like a brothel, when u walked in there with all those doors. Good start to 2021.

    David WhiteDavid WhiteMaand geleden
  • You got me hooked on playing this my son is hooked....trying to get my wife into it, but she’s sticking with Link’s Awakening.

    Ryno BonesRyno BonesMaand geleden
  • Can you do more rimeworld after this game Plz

    Dylan TrefethenDylan TrefethenMaand geleden
  • Wels with the 2nd bedroom while adding the blinds because the curtains arent enough; "I like this, but this is better."

    milk crumbsmilk crumbsMaand geleden
  • Hi wels. Would like to see more 2 storey houses as i dont see much of that but still like ur content

    Jonathan 08Jonathan 08Maand geleden
  • "oh look, it's a prison." -wels 2021

    Armageddon 0324Armageddon 0324Maand geleden
  • play more Minecraft please and thank you

    Diana MarcinkowskiDiana MarcinkowskiMaand geleden
  • What happened to hermitcraft ? You are doing this regularly but not mc?

    Baruch paulBaruch paulMaand geleden
  • I miss you man, been waiting for days 🙌🏼

    Geovanni SermenseGeovanni SermenseMaand geleden
  • I just recently got house flipper because of your let's play and I've had a lot of fun playing it. I did this house a few days ago and you did it much better than I did. So, I'll be taking notes.

    OrnateBuilds7917OrnateBuilds7917Maand geleden
  • I am sad to admit that he kind of lost the creativity that he had at the start. It doesn’t seem as welcoming as it did in the first 5 episodes.

    HyperFox92HyperFox92Maand geleden
  • Tell Remi we all said hi too

    JimMartinJimMartinMaand geleden
  • What about hermitcraft 😢

    Dominic QuintanaDominic QuintanaMaand geleden
  • I bought this game just after Christmas because of Wels' videos. The tutorials/guides took forever to complete. Am currently working on the Breaking Bad house.

    cakemachine1cakemachine1Maand geleden
  • He's done this house before, man. Hasn't he?

    Jacob TonksJacob TonksMaand geleden
  • You should do the sellers house. I did it and it was really cool. They also have a secret there

    howdy howdyhowdy howdyMaand geleden
  • Hey Wels, does Wifey help you design some rooms when you get stuck?

    VQVQMaand geleden
  • I love the series but can u come back to hermitcraft

    X LaBX LaBMaand geleden
    • He'll do hermitcraft when he feels like doing hermitcraft. Be patient and dont try dictating his content in any way.

      BeeBeeMaand geleden
  • ahh, u take a break, that's good

    rheasynixrheasynixMaand geleden
  • I'm so jealous of your before/after pictures. Mine are always so bad, like the camera just staring at a wall, or an area of the house I barely touched, or even one where it was just a big tree I put in the backyard and nothing else. So annoying haha

    peacetoomindpeacetoomindMaand geleden
  • I Love This Series Sooooooooo Relaxing Thanks For The Great Content

    Monsters MaybeMonsters MaybeMaand geleden
  • Hey wels, ever think of stopping doing smps and servers, but build things in minecraft, like the buildings in different styles, and make a house design series like this? I think it would be really cool, as I was building a couple of modern style houses the past few days. It's quite relaxing like house flipper!

    socially supremesocially supremeMaand geleden
  • Oh god thank you foe uploading again ive been on the road for HOURS. Its very akward. I like houses

    Natalie MasonNatalie MasonMaand geleden
  • Thanks for showing us more of your process, Wels, it was super cool to watch! Also, Happy New Year!

    Monica FMonica FMaand geleden
  • im trying to find a good house flipper for my phone.

    XenMoss PawzXenMoss PawzMaand geleden
  • Why left hermit craft you legend _Karl jobst's vibes intended_ *

    Intentional GamingIntentional GamingMaand geleden
  • can’t have a bathroom without that! Also I hope your going to get back on hermitcraft

    Rhino and Rocket studiosRhino and Rocket studiosMaand geleden
  • Sorry if this is an annoying question that you get alot but are you taking a break from Hermitcraft? I'm perfectly fine with you doing what you want to do I'm just curious.

    Erased VioletErased VioletMaand geleden
    • He is taking a break from hermitcraft, he also says that a house flipper episode takes a couple of hours where as a HC episode takes a couple of days.

      Some GuySome GuyMaand geleden
  • You should put one of these houses on hermitcraft and give it a purpose to your base-city area.

    Tripp SchultzTripp SchultzMaand geleden
    • I think it’s safe to say he’s done with hermit craft

      Cameron ClarkCameron ClarkMaand geleden
  • Very cool

    KimoPlayzKimoPlayzMaand geleden
  • That house has more doors than hogwarts

    Timmy TurnerTimmy TurnerMaand geleden
  • I always love to see what you do. I knock down walls but then I struggle laying it out. It helps a lot to see what you do. This kitchen area was amazing.

    Perock momPerock momMaand geleden
  • wat happend wit Hermitcraft?

    Siwis06Siwis06Maand geleden
  • Small house ???? You got your co÷k in one hand and your dreams in the other !!! Typical yank -no idea !!!!

    NeilNeilMaand geleden
  • Ok now so it in real life

    noah2460 noah2460noah2460 noah2460Maand geleden
    • Ok

      Timmy TurnerTimmy TurnerMaand geleden
  • hermitcraft?

    Bobby BronsonBobby BronsonMaand geleden
  • Ahh wel’s calming voice just what I need after coming out to homophobic parents

    James SambrookJames SambrookMaand geleden
    • They're afraid of the human race? Like the homo sapiens? Must be weird, living in terror of everyone around you... ps. Just kidding, good luck with everything!

      David SchweizerDavid SchweizerMaand geleden
    • Good luck :) hope ur doing ok

      FizzybubblesFizzybubblesMaand geleden
  • Welcome back. hope you had a great holiday!

    Kim StewartKim StewartMaand geleden
  • Well this is a good birthday present a nice house flipper episode from wels!

    Afro KingAfro KingMaand geleden
  • I got so excited seeing your notif pop up! All your videos are just so amazing Wels, thank you for taking your time into making them as calm and special as they are. Also, after trying out this game for myself, you make it seem so easy! But it is super fun. I bet you have a lot of dang hours in this game

    PastelPanda SammyPastelPanda SammyMaand geleden
  • I recently got this game and it’s actually much harder than it would seem to make something decent looking

    StaticStaticMaand geleden
  • Awww yeea a new chill Wels episode, welcome back man hope you had a lovely time in the holidays and a happy new year :D

    Flameingo __Flameingo __Maand geleden
  • Are you coming back to hermitcraft orrrr?

    Master RoshiMaster RoshiMaand geleden
    • He'll do hermitcraft when he feels like doing hermitcraft. Be patient.

      BeeBeeMaand geleden
  • Play hermitcraft please

    Lucky74Lucky74Maand geleden
    • @Bee tru tru

      Lucky74Lucky74Maand geleden
    • Let him play what he wants to please

      BeeBeeMaand geleden
  • Why welsknight stop hermit craft he’s videos and hermitcraft base was really cool

    Uriel GarbarzUriel GarbarzMaand geleden
    • @Master Roshi That's not really wondering where he is then. Realistically they'll know he's just taking a break.

      BeeBeeMaand geleden
    • @Bee they dont ask so much as mention his absence now and then.

      Master RoshiMaster RoshiMaand geleden
    • @Master Roshi I haven't seen any hermits wondering where he's been? Plus it's not like the other hermits can't just ask or simply see he's taking a break.

      BeeBeeMaand geleden
    • @Val Violet that's quite a stretch for anyone who followed him because of hermitcraft. Other hermits seem to be wondering where he went as well. Just putting that out there

      Master RoshiMaster RoshiMaand geleden
    • Your grammar is stunning my friend.

      So much taxesSo much taxesMaand geleden
  • Beautiful house Wells. You seem like o be more modern so I challenge you to try a rustic house. Just a thought

    Biteyjangles 2.0Biteyjangles 2.0Maand geleden
    • @Welsknight Gaming did look familiar

      Caleb BlickensderferCaleb BlickensderferMaand geleden
    • @toor khosa his next episode will be done when it's done :) don't pester him about it

      dayy_dreemurrdayy_dreemurrMaand geleden
    • @Welsknight Gaming are you planning to do any hermitcaft episode or you haven’t found the right inspiration for an episode

      toor khosatoor khosaMaand geleden
    • Your good I found it anyway.

      Biteyjangles 2.0Biteyjangles 2.0Maand geleden
    • Wait, jk. It's the next episode that's a modern version of the rustic house from a few episodes ago. My bad.

      Welsknight GamingWelsknight GamingMaand geleden
  • "No you walk into here and you go 'oh this is a prison.'" best quote of the new year

    DaiyamondoDaiyamondoMaand geleden
    • HEY it’s the first quote of the year

      Dragon dotorgDragon dotorgMaand geleden
    • And my job.

      Aaro_nAaro_nMaand geleden
    • Pretty much all public schools ever

      Anna TurellAnna TurellMaand geleden
  • I literally just did this house last night lmao, it was so annoying

    Concuzzion GlovingConcuzzion GlovingMaand geleden
    • I did 4 days ago

      howdy howdyhowdy howdyMaand geleden
    • You have to plaster everything

      howdy howdyhowdy howdyMaand geleden
  • I just wanna say I bought this game last week after watching all your episodes, and man this game is so chill but fun

    Concuzzion GlovingConcuzzion GlovingMaand geleden
  • Where is hermit craft

    Level FreshLevel FreshMaand geleden
    • @Dr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan Shah oh ok

      Level FreshLevel FreshMaand geleden
    • He is taking a break from hermitcraft and will start again when he feels like it

      Dr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan ShahDr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan ShahMaand geleden
    • @Timmy Turner this made me laugh a lot lol but I meant like when is he playing it next

      Level FreshLevel FreshMaand geleden
    • On a server

      Timmy TurnerTimmy TurnerMaand geleden
  • Happy New Year, Wels! I love your content so much

    Val VioletVal VioletMaand geleden
  • Happy New Year Wels. Hope you and your wife had a great one.

    Dr Jon BearDr Jon BearMaand geleden
  • "it took me about an hour" timer: 1.00.48

    Dom RuckDom RuckMaand geleden
    • Ok

      SpaceCatSpaceCatMaand geleden
  • these vids are so relaxing to watch for some reason

    Mariah WMariah WMaand geleden
  • Who leaves their house like this

    Oscar WielenOscar WielenMaand geleden
  • Love the videos Welsknight! Its interesting and relaxing :) keep it up :D

    PvtNumberPvtNumberMaand geleden
  • Hey are u returning to hermitcraft Love ur vids keep it up

    Daniel WhitfieldDaniel WhitfieldMaand geleden
    • Yeah hes still doing Hermitcraft hes just starting to make other viedos as well because its faster and easier to make ten house flipper episodes then 1 Hermitcraft ep

      Haylie MurphyHaylie MurphyMaand geleden
  • ello

    Gonza KálnayGonza KálnayMaand geleden
  • Ahh wels' relaxing videos, that's the stuff I need to start a new year.

    MarkezasdfMarkezasdfMaand geleden
    • @Markezasdf yes it was

      Wise OneWise OneMaand geleden
    • Dang my bad

      MarkezasdfMarkezasdfMaand geleden
    • Chill, chilling means scary or something like that

      Wise OneWise OneMaand geleden
  • Ok

    Mckenzie WelshMckenzie WelshMaand geleden
  • Can u do more of the actusl stuff like fixing the rdiator and tv pleaseeee

    ella eganella eganMaand geleden
  • Am i first?

    Not - GrianNot - GrianMaand geleden
    • im not sure why you care tho

      RoaxialRoaxialMaand geleden
    • Yes

      Jaret StrickertJaret StrickertMaand geleden