The CYBERPUNK Apartment! | Let's Play House Flipper - Ep. 16

13 jan. 2021
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Let's play House Flipper! We're buying, renovating, decorating, and reselling houses in this game. House Flipper gameplay seems like something from HGTV!
2nd Channel:
House Flipper is a unique chance to become a one-man renovation crew. Buy, repair and remodel devastated houses. Give them a second life and sell them at a profit!
Experiment with interior designs and decorating styles you like. Decorate and furnish interiors with hundreds of unique items that you’re free to choose from. Express yourself!
Do you love interior design and want to fill up empty rooms using your favorite style? You can buy an empty apartment and furnish it. Do you prefer things only engineers would understand? You can focus on repair and installations. Are you an expert on the "small move, big change" approach? You can buy a decent house and make it perfect by adding some style and fixing stuff.
The ultimate goal of the house flipping business is profit. Are you a risk taker? Do you like to invest? Estimate profit and find the best risk/reward ratio for you.
The house flipping business is very challenging. Improve and hone your skills. Get better tools. Deploy new mechanisms and earn cash so you can to increase investment and speed up progress. Have fun!
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  • Can you start a second channel where you upload the full footage for all the changes? 😍 Would love to watch!

    PHK IT AdventuresPHK IT Adventures13 dagen geleden
  • That’s what my house flipper office is

    Jack HobsonJack Hobson20 dagen geleden
  • That’s my current house flipper office!

    Jack HobsonJack Hobson20 dagen geleden
  • Aaaah I'm so behind, but! I will catch up xD sry fell asleep for a few days... but finally rested enough to give ur content my full attention. :3 😊

    Storyteller ForeverStoryteller ForeverMaand geleden
  • Is that the freaking, Stargate Dialing Sequence display on the computer monitor?

    DarkPhoenixMageDarkPhoenixMageMaand geleden

    adnan alawiadnan alawiMaand geleden
  • I turned it to a really modern, minimalistic, luxury apartment. Had to really eperiment with lights as it was so dark.

    Caroline SimanderCaroline SimanderMaand geleden
  • You can rotate books, mirrors, and paintings/pictures in House Flipper. Holding Q while scrolling (as if you were rotating an item normally) rotates books from horizontal to various diagonal angles and to standing vertically. Mirrors and paintings/pictures can be changed from vertical to horizontal and from horizontal to vertical by rotating it as if it were a normal item.

    Stygian TongueStygian TongueMaand geleden
  • All I have to ask is why are the bonsai so tiny 😂

    Chloe BradleyChloe BradleyMaand geleden
  • I've watched people livestream this game. The clean-up is very satisfying to watch.

    Car JulCar JulMaand geleden
  • Yeah it was a little dark thats youtube for ya, maybe to brighten it up a little in darker homes just throw up the bright lights that you like temporally until auction time... but you did a great job adding in more light sources to bring up the light level as well by the time you finished

    ShawnShawnMaand geleden
  • Can you go back to hermitcraft

    christiaan van veenchristiaan van veenMaand geleden
  • please add wattles to hermitcraft he has posted every single day since at least 2018

    Martin HallMartin HallMaand geleden
  • finnaly

    rheasynixrheasynixMaand geleden
  • I couldn’t stand the dark in this apartment and I lit it up. 😂

    AligaladAligaladMaand geleden
  • You can set books vertically. Press Q to rotate them upwards

    AligaladAligaladMaand geleden
  • Wow! How are you so good at cleaning the windows??

    Alyssa HurleyAlyssa HurleyMaand geleden
  • I found it kind of iconic that the old couple bought the futuristic techy house...

    Some GuySome GuyMaand geleden
  • What happened to hermitcraft?

    Derek PorscheDerek PorscheMaand geleden
  • This episode did NOT feel like 20 mins, felt more like 5 lmao

    Zythe AkaruZythe AkaruMaand geleden
  • Nice vid Wels ,m8.

    David WhiteDavid WhiteMaand geleden
  • I would watch the hell out of you doing a stream while doing all the 'boring stuff'. It's so soothing and listening to you talk just really makes the bad in the world feel eh...less impactful? You're a balm in this time period, sir.

    Sai The WriterSai The WriterMaand geleden
    • YES, would totally watch some streams of this

      Some GuySome GuyMaand geleden
  • Q allows you to rotate books vertically

    MaoriMiner _NZMaoriMiner _NZMaand geleden
  • Hey Wells when are you gonna do a Hermitcraft video?

  • Thanks for this episode, Wels! You did an awesome job on this house, and it was really cool to see some new types of furniture. (Also I appreciated you submitting for the garden contest.)

    Monica FMonica FMaand geleden

    Pandahero2007Pandahero2007Maand geleden
  • I love that the old couple are the ones that bought the house.

    Brady GoodwinBrady GoodwinMaand geleden
  • A vaporwave poster in a cyberpunk loft? Literally unwatchable

    Girish ManjunathGirish ManjunathMaand geleden
  • I play houseflipper and the cyber loft is actually my home office. Got my office downstairs and bed up in the loft with a small toilet (half bath)

    Ally ♡Ally ♡Maand geleden
  • Gotta appreciate that the buyer of this cyberpunk loft is the old couple.

    Dan HaasDan HaasMaand geleden
  • Hey Wells, a compromise you could potentially do is livestream a house, this way people can watch the full uninterrupted process if they want to or watch these videos if they like the short and sweet episodes.

    Master G94Master G94Maand geleden
  • Holy shit, that house is a logistical nightmare

    Mr. ScarfyMr. ScarfyMaand geleden
  • Don't get me started on how youtube darkens videos. Every time I'm watching a minecraft video I have to turn my brightness all the way up when the go in the nether, and even then I can barely see it.

    Mr. ScarfyMr. ScarfyMaand geleden
  • Can you do more videos where you clean the windows? It’s so satisfying.

    Magic RiverMagic RiverMaand geleden
  • Wish I had thought of selling all the books before the shelf when I did this house, it was a mess.

    Serenity CraftSerenity CraftMaand geleden
  • When are you going back to hermit craft?

    Joshua BirdystineJoshua BirdystineMaand geleden
  • Wels will go do hermitcraft again

    Phoenix3219Phoenix3219Maand geleden
  • “You wouldn’t have those sitting out in your bedroom unless you’re a slob.” Way to call me out Wels.

    signsaboundsignsaboundMaand geleden
    • ikr! i came here to say the same thing!

      Matthew RobbinsMatthew RobbinsMaand geleden
  • So there is a phone version of this, its in need of a major update. XD I'll stick with watching Welsknight play it on his computer version

    XenMoss PawzXenMoss PawzMaand geleden
  • Hey wels, where did Hermitcraft go?

    Call-Me-turbo-Call-Me-turbo-Maand geleden
  • This place is my office now ^^. I placed the bed where you put the desk upstairs, swapped the kitchen out for a corner unit, swapped the couches for a corner couch and made a holo garden out by the main door. Forgot the axe, but I did grab the 'your breathtaking' poster, placed it on the wall by the glows in the dark lol. I might go nuts with all the 1980's movie posters available from the workshop too later.

    Silver BaneSilver BaneMaand geleden
  • Best part of this DLC is "you're breathtaking" poster

    Brice C.Brice C.Maand geleden
  • If you want the light to stay on when you leave a room there is an option for that. I think it's called economic light something like that (I have my game in French because I am Belgian so I'm not sure)

    logundeadlogundeadMaand geleden
  • I like all of it from start to finish even if it takes two episodes

    co2rrtco2rrtMaand geleden
  • 17:20 im in this picture and i dont like it

    CSX Railfan - n scale modlesCSX Railfan - n scale modlesMaand geleden
    • Same - but apparently to Wels if they're in a mini fridge they're fine

      Luco GamerLuco GamerMaand geleden
  • Can you please do another rap song with docMc???🥺👨‍💼

    Molly ReyherMolly ReyherMaand geleden
  • there is actually a bug where you can go on the map you can see from the windows lol.

    OBS TVOBS TVMaand geleden
  • Challenge: Count how many times he says futuristic or futuristicy

    Shreyas DamleShreyas DamleMaand geleden
    • drink some water every time :)

      Goldendoodle252Goldendoodle252Maand geleden
    • 69

      Timmy TurnerTimmy TurnerMaand geleden
  • The selling process is like that one ad on the radio where the person just points at stuff and it vanishes

    NS777NS777Maand geleden
  • Wels I must say I am so glad youre doing this series, I really hope youll do loads more. Ive been having a difficult time in with my country in lockdown while my anxiety disorder is spiking. Thank you for making these days bearable with your wholesome videos. I appreciate it very much, youre a really kind person

    Laura ManrhoLaura ManrhoMaand geleden
  • This is a futuristic build. In the bathroom where the toilet paper should be you should have had three shells.

    Analog AAnalog AMaand geleden
  • I really wish they had a few more Cyberpunk houses/apartments. I found this one really fun when I did it! I didn't adhere to the futuristic look, but the environment is soooo cool!

    Gillian HalkolaGillian HalkolaMaand geleden
  • Would love to see your reaction, when Flipping the myers house, i kinda got scared lmao

    ForrgForrgMaand geleden
  • You sound like a tall person. Yes this is meant to be random

    Dorei GamesDorei GamesMaand geleden
  • Hi Wels, I’m new to this series and am 15 episodes late but I am going to go through and watch the other vids and catch up😂 Hv fun and be safe king 🙌🏾👑

    Bryson RobinsonBryson RobinsonMaand geleden
  • did u stop hermitcraft

    Leo LangleyLeo LangleyMaand geleden
  • Oof I was like 👍🏻 number 99

    Hooded DominoesHooded DominoesMaand geleden
  • I'm Alone 😍😥

    Emelia KathyEmelia KathyMaand geleden
  • Just a thought but if people want to watch you clean up you could try a time laps with commentary over top of it

    lucas esteplucas estepMaand geleden
    • He has said that you can only do first person time lapses in HF, meaning you would see a very flashy sequence of images which doesnt show much, he talked about it more in a previous episode.

      Some GuySome GuyMaand geleden
  • Hey wels. Question I just downloaded this game on PS4. how do you get the mower?

    GBPackersMinecraftFan80GBPackersMinecraftFan80Maand geleden
    • In a previous episode he said that tools are unlocked by completing the jobs, may still need the dlcs tho, not sure

      Some GuySome GuyMaand geleden
    • DLC probably

      randa the wiseranda the wiseMaand geleden
  • Hey Wells, you CAN place books verically like that. I forget the controls to do it, but it's something like Q/E to rotate on different axis.

    Grumpy GamerGrumpy GamerMaand geleden
    • The hero we need ❤️

      JamiesDayJamiesDayMaand geleden
    • Mine is q.

      miss melyssmiss melyssMaand geleden
    • My jaw just dropped all the way to the ground. Thank you so much for the tip!

      Gillian HalkolaGillian HalkolaMaand geleden
  • Awesome video as always Wels. Keep up the amazing work!

    Steve MeehanSteve MeehanMaand geleden
  • 512th view 17th comment Yay

    Dr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan ShahDr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan ShahMaand geleden
  • Nice video ..btw what happened to hermitcraft ?

    Abbas DalalAbbas DalalMaand geleden
    • It’s because it takes about 10 times the time and effort to make a single Hermitcraft episode then it does House Flipper. They are both equally fun series, so I think house flipper is the better option.

      Steve MeehanSteve MeehanMaand geleden
    • RIP - this is the second time it’s happened

      Nathan MaNathan MaMaand geleden
    • @burntt popcorn ooof ... But anyways this series is so much fun

      Abbas DalalAbbas DalalMaand geleden
    • he got burned out from hermitcraft he got stressed from how much work he had to put in so hes taking a break

      burntt popcornburntt popcornMaand geleden
  • Whoa, I’m early and I’m liking this vid

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  • Im only a bit sad that he left hermitcraft

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    • He didn't

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  • you can place books like that

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  • Not first.. but certainly Eary

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    • @Lak3 you mean ears?

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    • _E A R Y_

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    • I too, enjoy having years.

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  • This is gonna be awesome! :D

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  • Hello like your videos

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